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The „Digital Twin“

As the developer, we like to describe Quam as the „digital twin“ or the „operating system“ of your company.

Quam represents a data-based mirror image of your company organization. As such, Quam primarily supports you in optimizing processes within the company as well as in improving overall „business productivity“.


Optimize processes and visualize them in one central location!


Manage multiple projects collaboratively and centrally!


An image of your organization – The „Digital Twin“!


Identify risks earlier to better seize resulting opportunities!


Complete certification projects faster and with fewer complications!


Store documents centrally and manage them with ease!

A modern business organization is our passion

For almost 20 years, we have been developing software to make businesses more efficient. Accordingly, we draw on an enormous wealth of experience in dealing with the development and implementation of Business Productivity Solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers with both a more productive and efficient workplace, as well as a clearer and, above all, more transparent working atmosphere. This clear mission is also reflected in our products. Our solutions optimize the management of your …

Process Management

The basic idea behind Quam as a software tool is the visualization
and storage of business processes in a central database. However, this does not mean that Quam only takes over the tasks of a pure BPMN app. Rather, it creates a network of linked processes within Quam, the "digital twin"!

Linking processes to projects

Quam can do so much more than just visualize processes! Project management is also a central component - and it benefits greatly from the internal network. All projects are enriched with the relevant information and data and linked within the central database. Accordingly, projects can also be directly linked to associated processes and vice versa!

Your whole business organization at one glance

Processes and projects are not only visualized and linked to each other, but also directly enhanced with associated people, role descriptions, regulations and documents. With Quam, you can easily create a perfect image of your complex corporate structure - a "digital twin"!

Managing Risks - Seizing Opportunities

Dealing with risks and opportunities can be complicated, but with Quam's holistic approach it has become a lot easier. The high degree of interconnectedness within Quam enables a new level of risk management that supports the prevention of risks as efficiently as the realization of emerging opportunities.

Audit processes under control at all times

Wherever there is work, there are always things to be checked or optimized. Audit processes are always time-consuming if poorly prepared - but there is no better preparation than an already perfectly linked, clear document and risk network. Quam therefore also accelerates certification projects like the TISAX certification enormously!

Store and distribute documents centrally

With its origins as a SharePoint application, Quam is also still a good place to centrally manage documents. A central database where every employee can access documents released for him. Linking the process modules to the documents also saves a lot of work here: the employee can access relevant documents directly from the process.

Collaboration in your browser and...

Quam is available as a web app anytime and anywhere - the only important thing is a stable internet connection and a device with a working browser! Or just a Microsoft Teams App ...

Sounds good?

For much more on Quam, visit our dedicated product website at…

What you can rely on with software by Lintra:


Our software gets new and improved functions with every update. We rely primarily on feedback from our customers, who can submit suggestions for improvements and vote on them.  

Data Security

The protection of our customers‘ sensitive data is one of our major promises. That’s why we rely on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Azure – the market leaders in data security!


Together with our implementation partners, we ensure that our software can be used simultaneously by all employees. This ensures smooth interaction between all employees.

Work from Home

Especially in difficult times, processes, tasks, and information must be coordinated smoothly with colleagues. Through daily customer contact, we understand the current problems of many companies very well. Our digital solutions help our customers stay productive while working from home.

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