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Lintra GmbH is a Magdeburg-based technology holding company from which several subsidiaries and investments have emerged. Within the Lintra Group, Lintra supports its companies and corporate holdings to grow both domestically and internationally.

Lintra continues to grow and restructures!

The formerly externally operating Lintra plus GmbH was renamed to aiio GmbH and remains your reliable partner and software manufacturer for the software products Quam® and aiio®, which are well established on the market.

Our companies and corporate investments

Process Management Software with a both novel and traditional approaches

aiio GmbH (formerly Lintra plus GmbH) is the manufacturer of both the software of the same name, aiio®, and the software Quam®. While Quam follows a classic BPMN 2.0 approach, aiio takes a new lean-approach. We would be happy to advise you on which approach suits you best.

Legal Tech Software &
Project Management

Join GmbH has 23 years of IT project experience with broad competencies and offices in Magdeburg, Eisenach, and Dresden and additional specialists in Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich. LEDOX is proprietary software that offers a fully digital and integrated end-to-end contract and document management solution based on Microsoft 365.

Digitization of
Cleaning services

From scheduling and mobile time recording to quality assurance and instruction management, Yellow Ant is your partner for the cleaning industry! With the YA Clean application, the convenient management of all employees, customers, orders, and equipment succeeds.

Acting legally secure
on the Internet

LGD Datenschutz GmbH is your reliable and competent partner as a consultant, companion, and problem solver on all aspects of data protection.

Reduction of energy
and water waste

whitefox offers membrane-based solutions that significantly reduce energy consumption, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in industrial processes.


If you have any questions about specific software or software consulting, please contact the respective manufacturers directly. For questions about Lintra you can reach us at:


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